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Tel. 0208 123 3075

Email. [email protected]

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Rachel has provided quality and commonsense solutions whilst property managing the flat I owned. This has involved fire fighting and resolving with positive outcomes a serious problem I had with previous tenants prior to appointing Rachel and ensuring the tenancies have been problem free ever since.


I no longer have to worry about tenancy issues as Rachel manages all communications with the tenants and only involves me as necessary. She provides regular updates as well as advice on best practice for landlords.



Honestly do not know what we would have done without Rachel as the project manager on our kitchen extension building project. The builders I had hired for the work were difficult, and needed very careful management, and Rachel was fantastic at ensuring that the project was completed nonetheless. Her advice and knowledge at every stage of the work were invaluable. I scored massive brownie points with a neighbour for recommending Rachel to them too - they were very glad to have taken her on. I really cannot recommend her highly enough.




Property Management to the highest degree... put our London property in Rachel's hands and she took care of everything. She found us fabulous tenants and we've not heard a peep since (this can only be a good thing).

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